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erupture 10, December 99

The all fiction issue.

erupture 9, October 1998

erupture #8, August 1998

Cyberia: music reviews + etc: reviews of CDs by Dystopia One, Sepultura and more!
live: black lung, action adventure systems
Pomo Inaction Figures: Art or Insanity? You decide...
David Foster Wallace essay: No, I'm really not stalking him Mel attempts to back out gracefully from the stalking stuff, falls and hits her head.
fiction: Pitch, excerpt by mel whitehead; A Train to 207 by Marie Mundaca
Mungo: My Brother Henrey Lee Lucat
Rant: Hide your eyes! Marie's in love

erupture #7 july 1998

essay: David Foster Wallace's Celluloid Seduction
fiction: mystery dance; excerpt by mel whitehead

Rant: i'm still here
obsession:A Touchy Subject

erupture #six, june 1998

Cyberia: music reviews + etc: reviews of CDs by snog, cubanate, android lust, front line assembly and more!
live: Numb and Crocodile Shop
obsession:bj queen: constance marie explains it all
essay: As seen in Harper's; the obligatory David Foster Wallace essay with a bizarre twist of limon
Mungo:Mungo's on vacation. Here's fiction therapy with Mel...
Rant:my life and you're welcome to it: mel's tale of woe

erupture #cinq, april 1998

Cyberia: music reviews + etc: reviews of CDs by Hexedene, Nusrat Fateh Ali Kahn and Michael Brooks, Dystopia One, Unholy Erection, Lost in Space Soundtrack and more! live: Dystopia One, Betty's Trash, Android Lust!
obsession: A Kafka-esque experience
essay: fear and loathing in atlantic city
Mungo: Kitty Lit: Mungo reviews a new litter of cat books
Rant:Bitch by Elizabeth Wurtzel: Jagged Little Estrogen Pill

erupture #four, mars 1998

Cyberia:music reviews + etc: reviews of CDs by Tribes of Neurot, KMFDM, Bob Xark, Noxious Emotion, TriAna and more!
Sielwolf: arooo!! Petra speaks...
obsession:i'm so ashamed... I'm wearing the wrong bra!
lit crit: the loneliness of sex: male sexuality in Nicholson Baker's The Fermata and David Foster Wallace's from Interviews with Hideous Men, #6
Meta-Friction: very short stories by Connie L.
Mungo: Mungo's siblings
Rant: William Gibson is all wet-wired

erupture #tres feb 1998

Cyberia:music reviews + etc: C-Tec live; CD o' the month: The Glory of Destruction; CDs by Course of Empire, Crash AD, Dark Illumination, Decoded Feedback, Front Line Assembly, Gooding, Ikon, TriAna.
obsession: Irony Man David Foster Wallace!
bad g-URLS: the kewlest chicas on the web
Meta-Friction: very short stories by Sidney Mindfield
Mungo: Mungo's fun xmas

erupture #duo Jan 1998

Cyberia: music news + etc: Betty's Trash! CDs from Funker Vogt, C-Tec, Jihad and FLA;NIN products, and what's due in 1998!
Crisis NTI: An interview with the Ged-i!
Ally McBeal:Put a fork in tha bitch! She done!
As Seen on TV: Mel tries out the stupid TV product for you!
Mungo:A cat with way too much to say and a forum to say it in
Thingee:Midnight in the Garden of Book and Movie

E-Rupture #1, dec 1997

Lords of Acid, 11.27.97 @ The Roxy, NYC
Music Reviews: Alien Faktor, Burning Matrix, Doubting Thomas, Download, Hanzel und Gretyl, Heavy Water Factory, In Strict Confidence, KMFDM, Lords of Acid, Mortal Kombat Annihilation soundtrack, Numb, Seven Trees, Sielwolf, :wumpscut:
mel's rant: today she's mad about films.
Mr. Toasty:dream bread? Or just butter him?
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