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us mail address

if you prefer, sent me real life letters or stuf. send all mail to: melpomene W. c/o Snevil, JAF Box 8274, New York, NY 10116

online cd ordering sources

I usually use Isolation Tank. They're friendly and quick and reasonably priced. You can also try Digital Underground, but on all occasions I've found them to be overly obnoxious

why i really owe a debt to david foster wallace

It's because of him that i hooked up with these kick-ass ffolkes
palimpsest look it up. Hi Brent!
Nick Maniatis' Infinite Jest page.
Bob Wake's Cambridge Book Review page and the dfw stuff. the Daily Screed movies, essays, all sorts of stuff by jeff lester

girls can be cartoonists too...

Welcome To The Bathroom!
Yvonne's in-progress site for Bathroom Girls. It has the first two covers of the new comic in color. #1 has the Bathroom Girls in a hair-pulling cat fight with a band called the Hello Kitties, and issue #2 has the Bathroom Girls about to kick the asses of a whole slew of cheerleaders. Yvonne's filthy pottymouth commentary on the bottom is worth the visit alone.

Bad G-URLs

Dr. Ducky DooLittle is a sexy scientist living on the edge of our avant-pop millenium. Nothing can contain this girl, not even her bra! You can get a taste of Ducky, read a little about her cake-sitting and clown-snogging escapades and even order her panties on this web site.

Jackpot is the online companion to Miss Hell Bent's killer zine, Jackpot. You can order Jackpot, send mail, and consider applying for the position of her houseboy. And what "position" exactly is that?

Pussy Magazine Online Pussy is another really cool zine edited/published by the fabulous P5 (also of Fellini's Basement and Rools Like Ozzy fame).

Android Lust Shikhee is so bad she almost got evicted from her apartment for being too rowdy! See pix from her live shows, hear the band, check out the lyrics from her new CD, Resolution!

Katrina del Mar is a photog extraordinaire, documenting the weird NY underground scene. Once you see the photos on her site, you're gonna want her to take a picture of you!

Porn Free Some of you know Abby as the hostess of Click + Drag, but did you know she also produces a wonderful zine called Porn Free, which is a free porn mag? And not just for straight men only.

The Voluptuous Horror of Karen Black It's a band! As if you didn't now. Come worship at the altars of Kembra and Samoa. Get a little idea of what TVHKB is all about. Read all about vulvic egg cracking and more. Perhaps the most innovative band of the 90s! Check out (if you're old enough) Kembra's sexy drawings, and if you're not old enuff stick with the sick Keene-esque painting by Samoa.

Jackie 60 The folks at Jackie 60 put together parties and clubs with a fetish theme. Check out their upcoming events and products (like the Verbal Abuse journal).

Ophelia Unbound Michelle Korn dresses the prettiest goths in the sexiest clothes. Definitely a site you want to check if you want to get your own bad g-url something sweet and sexy to wear. Michelle was recently featured on the bizarre UPN show Real Vampires, not that she is one.

New York City Cyber-Weenies

I'm not the only one! here's a brief list of other New York City area gearheads' pages... Industrial Anarchy and it sure is. very comprehensive list of links to bands and record companies, plus an animated Felix the Cat gif! Arcadia focuses on NYC industrial. Yes, it exists! New York Industrial Front is a loosely knit collective of NYC area electronic bands.

i am more than my physical body...

The Monroe Institute is a foundation that provides participants with the possibility of having out-of-body experiences. Meditation-type tapes are available that promote mind synchronization, fast healing, improved intelligence and relaxation among other things. They also have classes that take place at the Institute in Virginia, and the descriptions of what goes on is amazing! Participants have been known to interact via lucid dreams. I guess in some ways it's like a psychic WWW-- no IRL encounters necessary!


The planet Gibo I can't explain, nor will you
Interstellar Groovy Dave --he lent me Radio Free Albemuth! Ain't that cool? And to quote Ralphie Wiggums "I'm Idaho!"
Go, Buzz, Go! Read and learn
Bluesilver Dementia goth/industrial and related stuff. soon to be a real life zine you can hold in your hot little hands.
Trashcan Bangin' Culture brought to you by the fine folks of Betty's Trash. that popular sin-dustrial act.
DisCorD, who writes for Cyberia and maybe soon this page too -- harangue him! he can take it!

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