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Lords of Acid

November 28, 1997, The Roxy, NYC

Well, needless to say, many of us here were really looking forward to this show with a great sense of anticipation. Their cd single Rubber Doll and the album Our Little Secret have been mainstays on the sony walkman since I got them last summer. To me, Lords of Acid are the best, most talented, most musically accessible of the porn-oriented electronic acts. Their particular brand of sin-dustrial has always been able to tweek me in ways most bands of their ilk cannot. Maybe it's because they're Belgian, I dunno.

I missed the opening act, Jack Off Jill, not because of any particular animosity towards the band (I don't know them), but because they went on too damned early! I mean, I left the apartment at 8:00! And I missed them! Is 8:45 too late to see an opening act? I guess so. And when I walked in, the dj was playing The Chemical Brothers. Not that I have anything against the Chemical Brothers at all, in fact, I rather like them, but isn't that a bit popular? I later discovered that the "dj" was actually from the local "alternative" radio station, K-Rock. That explains that.

So, it was only moments later when LOA hit the stage. But first, we were treated to some bad poetry to introduce the band by some tattoo'd-head-shaved poseur type who told the girls that there would be plenty of erect peni by the end of the show should we wish to partake. Well, excuse me, but when isn't the testosterone raging in a club full of 14 year old boys? There were so many kids there I felt like a chaperone at a jr. high school dance.

But then LOA slithered on to the stage, and everything was all right. They opened up with Lover and went right into Rubber Doll, which pleased the crowd to no end. Nikkie Van Lierop looked divine in her leather shorts and silver thigh-high platform boots. You know, she's skinny, but she looks damned good for a skinny girl. For Pussy, Nikkie invited a very nice young woman from the audience to come up on stage and be her little cat. And for Spank My Booty, a very excited girl in striped tights and a diaper got her butt smacked on stage. The Lords did a lot of songs from Our Little Secret and also a few from Lust and Voodoo-U. And I'm not one to complain (here I go), but they cut my favorite song short.

And the costume changes! First in her leather shorts, then a silver gown, then a goth-y black skirt which later got torn off to reveal...the leather shorts! It was quite lovely. I wish I could dress like that. You know, there's no point in me lamenting the fact that I'm on prednisone and it makes me fat, but I'm lamenting nonetheless. Not that I was ever skinny, don't get that idea, but I was a lot thinner than I am now. Since I got chubby I decided to dress more goth, since long black diaphanous thingees hide a multitude of sins, but I saw all these little big-beat babies wearing very baggy lee carpenter pants and belly shirts and i though to myself I could wear that... IÕm not that fat! So maybe tomorrow I'll go on a little shopping spree and buy myself a pair of baggy carpenter pants. Because this goth look is making me look a little old. This guy tried to pick me up... he had a short-long. You know what that is? Where the hair is short in the front and long in the back? Like Alabama or countless other country acts do their hair? And I couldn't help thinking that I could have been rapping with some little techno-weenies if I didn't look so goth. Because goth is scary. Stop laughing!

I ran into John from Resist after the show, and his only beef was that he liked the old singer better. She was more voluptuous. Still, LOA is extremely entertaining. You're really missing something if you don't see them live.

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