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he's big! he's huge!
he's mungo!

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mungo's mewsings

hi my name is mungo i'm a cat. can i tell you about the women i love?

first, there is georgette. She now wants to be known as Jorgetta, but i like to call her chinchilla. georgette is a beautiful petite brown tabby. she looks feral! She's so cute!!! i met her when she came to visit for a few days when her mom annette went away. i followed her around with moonsick eyes the whole time she was here. i kept tapping her on the butt and saying "Georgette! I want to get with you!" but she didn't want me! i thought we should go on Jenny Jones. here's what would happen:
Jenny: So, Georgette! You and Mungo? Do you think there's a chance?
Jorgetta: That's craziness! I'm old enough to be his mother!
Mungo: That's not true! My mom's 30!
Jorgetta: Talk to the paw, boy.
Jenny: But Georgette, Mungo's very cute!
Audience: whooooooooooooo!!!!!!
Mungo: And I have a good job making pizza!
Jorgetta: Pizza! I need intellectual stimulation! Call me when you finish college!
Mungo: But I didn't plan on going!
Random Audience Female: Georgette, if you don't want him, I sure do!
Audience: oooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhh!
and so on. but i love her, that's for sure.

i also love another cat who lives in my building. she lives on the 5th floor and i can see her from my bathroom window. She's a stunning cream tabby with a small Siamese-style head. i call her mungalina. one day she came to visit me! me and mom heard a little cute 'mew' in the hallway one nite. mom opened the door and there she was! mom wouldn't let me get with her, but she obviously came to visit me. mom brought her downstairs and she was ushered back into her apartment. we think she was called Rachel! a nice name for her. mom said her tail was very fluffy and she was very friendly. henrey, as usual, was uninterested.

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