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I had a lovely visitor over the xmas holidays: it was Jorgetta (said in a hushed tone)! She didn't want to come, but her mom was going home to PA and Jorgetta is a bad cat and she was going to have to stay in grrrrrrrrwlmewgle*clic!*the garage! So she came down to the Heights. She was wearing a beautiful golden bow (not to be confused with the golden bough) which was apparently her punishment for trying to disrupt her mother's xmas wraps. She looked quite fetching! This was the first time Jorgetta and Henrey had met. I was initially afraid that there would be some sort of emotional connection between them, mostly because they're both so small, but, as it happened, they despised each other.

Jorgetta mostly communicates in a series of clicks and grrrs, much like a dolphin, so we have difficulty understanding each other ("it's an accent," says her mother), but on xmas eve, when the animals talk, Jorgie was able to tell me her true feelings.

"I hate you Mungo! If it wasn't for you mooning all over me like some sorry ass sucker I'd be home in the wilds of Penn's woods wif my mama!"

"But my little chinchilla, you're here so you wouldn't have to stay in the cold garage!"

"You're a big fat lying pizza boy! My momma would never put me in the car port!"

Then Henrey sauntered out from his comfy bed. "Shaddup before I slap you up, bitch" He had that look so that you know he meant it. Jorgetta ran behind the stove. Later, when Jorgetta yelled at my mom, Henrey came out and spoke to her in her language! I don't know what he said, but she quieted down after that.

The following birds have been to visit this winter: blue jay, cardinal, crow, many many hello, birdie! doves, a fistful of finches, a few sparrows more, an occasional starling on occasion, woodpecker. I love the doves the most. I love their moist dark dove eyes and the way they sit in the feed house like it belongs to them.

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